Sneaker terminology can by overwhelming and confusing at the best of times! We've broken down some of the most used terms to help guide you to buy the right sneaker!


BTTYS - Be True To Your School: A campaign by Nike which pays homage to a range of American schools and the colour(s) that represents them.

C - Children's: Sneakers for children aged 2+.

CMFT - Comfort: Comfort is at the forefront. Air tech, lightweight, extra padding.

GS - Grade School: Refers to Teenager sized sneakers.

ISO - Instore Only: Not too binding these days but most likely only released instore. 

LE - Limited Edition: Produced in limited quantities and exclusively available at select retailers. 

LX - Luxury: Expect higher quality materials to be used. 

NBHD - Neighbourhood: A release only available at select boutiques.

NRG - Energy: An extremely limited Nike release. 

OG - Original: Refers to the original branding and cut of the shoe.

PE - Player Exclusive: Sneakers that are made exclusively for athletes and will not to be released to the public.

PRM - Premium: A term used to describe Nike sneakers that have been made with extra luxurious materials.

SB - Skateboarding: Made for skateboarding. Padded tongue etc.

SE - Special Edition: A sneaker that has been produced to celebrate a special occasion or an event.

SP - Special Project: Nike's most creative and experimental shoes.

TD - Toddler: Shoes for Toddlers.

QS - Quickstrike: A relatively rare shoe produced in lower quantities.

W - Women's: Exclusive sizing for Women's sneakers.

Y - Youth: Refers to Youth sized sneakers. Goes hand in hand with GS.